HORSE RACING-Black Caviar Framed Poster - Undefeated- Framed

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This stunning piece is celebrates Black Caviar, an undefeated champion and one of the greatest horses ever in racing history. A racing legend being named World Champion Sprinter 4 years running, Black Caviar won all 25 of her races, never being defeated in any race she ran in. On the piece is photos the finishes of all 25 of her races, with the race date, place and jockey under each picture. There is also brief information about her and her achievements. This is perfect for any Black Caviar or horse racing fan.

Black Caviar Framed Poster - Undefeated in 25 Races

  • Celebrates Black Caviar, horse racing legend
  • Includes information about Black Caviar and her achievements
  • High-quality framing and print - Professional framing and brilliant colours!
  • Presented in a black frame
  • Approximate framed dimensions 600 x 850 mm