Bradman's Invincibles 1948 - Golden Anniversary Framed Photo


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This stunning piece commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Australian Cricket team's 1948 tour of Great Britain, where they went undefeated, not losing one match. This great achievement was only possible because of Australia's great cricket team, led by the legendary Sir Donald Bradman, allowing them to be able to create one of Australia's biggest sporting victories.

The piece has a photograph of the entire 'Invincibles' team, naming each of the players underneath the photo. Surrounding the photo are printed signatures of each of the players that played on Australia's unbeatable team. The print is a limited edition of 2000, meaning that this is perfect for any collectors or true cricket fan.

Bradman's Invincibles 1948 - Golden Anniversary Framed Photo + Printed Signatures

  • Commemorates the Australian Cricket Team's 1948 tour of Great Britain in which they went undefeated, earning them the name "The Invincibles"
  • Printed signatures of the entire team surrounding the photo
  • High-quality framing and print - Professional framing and brilliant contrast.
  • Limited edition - Only 2000 ever made, each one hand numbered.
  • Approximate framed dimensions 790 x 1085 mm