MOTOR BIKES-Casey Stoner 2007 MotoGP World Champion Poster Framed


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This stunning piece is a framed poster featuring Australian motorcycle racer Casey Stoner, celebrating his 2007 win of the MotoGP to become World Champion. Stoner is considered by some to be one of the fastest motorcycle racers of all time, with him going on to win the 2011 MotoGP as well. This piece includes images of Stoner, both on and off his bike, as he celebrated his great win of the grand event. This piece is perfect for any Casey Stoner or MotoGP fans.

Casey Stoner 2007 MotoGP World Champion Poster Framed

  • Celebrates Casey Stoner's win of the 2007 MotoGP
  • High-quality framing and print - Professional framing and brilliant colours!
  • Presented in a black frame
  • Approximate framed dimensions 750 x 530 mm